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Infinitec has released a "dimensionless" flash drive


Back in February, there was news that the Infinitec company is going to release a “dimensionless” USB flash drive, which, in fact, is not a USB flash drive. We all know how unexpectedly the space on a hard disk or on the same flash drive ends up. Disk space is never enough. In an attempt to solve this problem, Infinitec released a device, which it called the "dimensionless flash drive." In fact, this device allows you to create a single file space for your entire WiFi network.

The device, represented by Infinitec, is inserted into the USB port, and after a simple setup, all the resources available within the network are brought together, become part of this “flash drive”. According to the manufacturer, the memory capacity of such a “flash drive” is limited only by the disk space of all devices included in the WiFi network.
Let me remind you that the manufacturers promised to release an "endless" flash drive even on the first of March. However, this device will be available only on August 31. Manufacturers report that the delay is due to "heavy preparation" for release.

By the way, the cost of the device far exceeds the cost of a standard flash drive (and non-standard too) - you can buy it for $ 129 dollars. Of course, this is the price for the USA and Europe, in the CIS, most likely, the device will cost much more expensive.

In general, such a device is needed not so much and a wide range of consumers, but its operation really promises to be convenient - no need to worry about which disk to choose, where there is free space, device, or rather its software, it will do everything automatically. Of course, the setting is necessary, but, most likely, it will not be so difficult anymore. I would like the “dimensionless” USB flash drive to be really what the manufacturer promises, and I would also like such a device to not require a complicated setup, so to speak, “stick it in and work.”

It seems that such a device will help ease the plight of both home users and corporate users - after all, in offices such a device will also have to be “to the court”. Well, it remains only to wait for the cherished date of the 31st of August, and then it will be possible to try the "dimensionless" flash drive in the work yourself. I would not want to wait, but I have to.

Here is the manufacturer's website.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100776/

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