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MojoMotor by elislab

Many companies at the start need a promotional website, business card.

MojoMotor is the younger brother of ExpressionEngine from ElisLab. Nothing new, but damn convenient. Let's try to remember how many CMS allow you to manage the site without the usual admin panel. Mojo from this series.

Here are the basic principles from the creators of the engine:
MojoMotor is so simple that everyone can use it.

Mastering took 10 minutes, given the experience with ExpressionEngine. Management implemented quite clearly.

Integrates into any design.

You can take the html layout of any complexity and simply insert the system tags, specify editable areas.
MojoMotor. Simple
The simplicity of MojoMotor in everything. Since the installation, ending with the work with the contents of the site - it is thought out perfectly.

The lack of "admin" in the classic sense

MojoMotor. Control Panel.
Your site is a control panel. Editing takes place directly on your pages. The main interaction is carried out through the drop down panel, which contains the main controls of the site.

Friendly content editing

MojoMotor. Content Management.
MojoMotor pages use most of the usual markup, so the text will not remain without a pleasant design. For the core of the editor is taken CKE Editor .

Managing site structure by simply dragging and dropping “tree elements”

MojoMotor. Site structure management.
In the hierarchy management, a drag & drop interface is successfully used, giving the necessary level of control. Simply and clearly.

Grown from old pants?

MojoMotor. More functionality.
The moment has come when a startup has become a serious enterprise, we need more functionality. This case provides a simple transition to ExpressionEngine (older than 2.1 version).

As the opportunity arises, I will create a mini-screencast for each item.
MojoMotor project website , documentation .
Product cost : $ 49.

Recently, enthusiasts translate documentation at http://mmdocs.ru/ .
Suggestions and criticism of the translation can be sent to me by personal messages.

Thank you for your attention, you are a great audience.

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