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Strange glitch with creating ringtones on HTC Desire and how to overcome it

The official HTC Desire guide recommends creating ringtones from sound recordings by selecting the appropriate item in the “Music” application menu, because sound recordings recorded on a memory card are not automatically added to the list of ringtones:
Ringtones or songs are not automatically added to the ringtone selection menu. You need to go to your music application. To find out how to set a ringtone using the Music application, see “Setting a song as ringtone” in the Music chapter.
At first glance, all this seemed to be true: sound recordings didn’t really get into the ringtone lists at first, but the Music app allowed you to add them there.

However, a couple of hours later, I unexpectedly ran into a strange glitch: immediately after the reboot (just turn off and then turn on the mobile phone) all the ringtones created by the “Music” application disappear from the list of ringtones, even if they were already assigned to some contacts or as a call default Accordingly, the settings for voice calls are reset, and this is annoying.

Fortunately, it turned out that sound recordings recorded on a memory card can in fact still be automatically added to the list of ringtones (again after a reboot), as well as to the list of alarm calls and alert sounds, if only all these sound recordings are in folders with a special name:
/ sdcard / media / audio / alarms → alarm sounds,

/ sdcard / media / audio / notifications → SMS alert notifications,

/ sdcard / media / audio / ringtones → ringtones (phone ringing sounds),

/ sdcard / media / audio / ui → other user interface dubbing.

This circumstance was mentioned on Habrahabr before, namely in one of the January blog entries , which, however, belonged to the HTC Hero and lay in the personal blog of its author - so today I finally found this workaround not in Habrahabr but FAQ w3bsit3-dns.com . In general, apparently, it equally applies to all Android operating systems, besides allowing you to replenish not only the list of ringtones, but also the sounds of SMS and alarm.

Having created (with the help of “ES File Explorer”) the necessary folders with subfolders and transferring the desired melodies to them, I immediately rebooted the mobile phone and became convinced of the effectiveness of the above method.

And now you can all be convinced of it.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100772/

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