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New to Payoneer (business account) or self director

image Yes, it happened! What is it really about: in the Payoneer system, it is possible to get a business account. While this feature is in closed beta testing, but if you are already the owner of a Payoneer card, and payments from partners come to it more or less regularly, then there will be no problem getting extended functionality for your account.
Below, I will show you in detail with screenshots and explain how it works and describe why I need it. Go.

Let's start with a description and theory. What is a Payoneer business account and what does it eat? A business account gives you the opportunity to attach up to 10-15 Payoneer cards to your account and make money transfers to them yourself within the system. If a person does not have a Payoneer card, you can send him an invitation to order a card and this is very cool. Today it is possible to order a Payoneer card not from a partner (advertising office, photo bank, freelancers' exchange), but from a private person who is simply a Payoneer client.
What is this practice for? I will describe my scheme. I get payments to Payoneer cards from several advertising firms that pay directly to Payoneer, plus several offices pay to US Virtual Bank Account , which is provided by Payoneer. By the end of the month, the entire amount of payments is accumulated on the card, and there is no desire to bother with checks and their delivery or receipt of bank transfers to your account. After receiving the money, I faced the problem of distributing them, since I have two remote employees - one in Belarus, the second in the Moscow region; there is also a partner in Moscow, and also relatives in Ukraine, whom I occasionally help with money. I myself live in Israel; you understand that it took a lot of time and effort to scatter money to everyone, I don’t even remember about losses on exchanges. Now with the advent of the business account, everything has become just chocolate: one employee already had a Payoneer card issued by Plimus ; we attached it to my card without any problems, and to everyone else I sent an invitation to order a card. As soon as they receive the cards, the process of distributing money will take 15 minutes, and of course there is no interest when transferring within the system.
Now some screenshots with comments. After filing the application and the business account in your admin on the Payoneer website, you will have two additional menus:

Go to the business account menu and fill in the form for attaching (ordering) the card:


The person you invited receives an email link, clicking on which he can either order a card (if he doesn’t have one), or simply log in to Payoneer with his username and password. After authorization, his card will already be attached to you and you can transfer money to him. In the admin will display a list of all who are attached to you.


That's basically all on the topic, there is only one unresolved issue so far, specifically with Google AdSense: I would really like to receive payments from them to the Payoneer card, since I often buy ads from Google AdWords from them, it turns out just not quite the correct turnover of funds, the money comes to a bank account, and I pay for advertising with a Payoneer card. Question to card users and webmasters working with Google AdSense - would you like to receive payments from Google immediately to the card?

PS It is reliably known that all SmsCoin customers who receive payments to Payoneer cards will have their business account turned on, simply turn to your account manager to activate your business account.

PSS If you are the owner of a company (affiliate) that wants to make payments to Payoneer cards, write in a personal - I will share my experience on how to do this quickly and without problems.

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