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YouTumbler - YouTube channel widget

Over the 5 years of its existence, the beloved YouTube service has gained wild speed, and according to statistics, 2 billion videos are watched daily on YouTube, 24 hours of video are posted every minute, over 300 million users are registered on the service, and YouTube Embed Player is present on tens of millions of web sites. sites.

But what do YouTube users who want to post not one video, but a whole channel on their website or blog?

The answer is under the cut.



We have developed a service that allows you to create widgets for YouTube user channels. Now all visitors to your website or blog will be able to watch videos of your channel without leaving youtube.com . Meet this YouTumbler .

To get the widget, you do not need to register or pay money, just go to this page , specify the YouTube username, widget settings and the e-mail to which you would like to receive an email with the widget code. Installing the widget should not cause difficulties since its mechanism is no different from installing the usual YouTube Embed Player. Just paste the code received in the letter from YouTumbler in the right place on your website or blog, and please your fans with new masterpieces!

Inside the widget there is a tab for video search with the ability to set several filtering and sorting options, as well as search by standard queries. Using standard queries, you can find the most viewed videos, the most recent, most discussed, having the highest rating, recommended for viewing from a mobile.

Channel videos are requested from YouTube in real time, so if you added a new video to your channel, deleted the old one or specified a new name for one of your videos, all these changes will be reflected in the widget on the next download.

Some facts about the widget

Future plans

We do not intend to stop and the current release of the service is only a starting point. Among our plans for YouTumbler development are the following main points:


We sincerely believe that YouTumbler will bring only positive emotions to web users, will help the authors of the commercials to fully show their talents to the whole world, and will give the audience an opportunity to enjoy the masterpieces of their idols even more. We are not related to the company YouTube, but we are ready to repeat their call.

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