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MacBook Pro - Purchase in the States or in Russia

I ordered a friend to bring a MacBook Pro 17 from the States.
When a month ago I monitored prices in Russia for this model, prices fluctuated around the 100,000 rubles mark. And American $ 2299 seemed very attractive. Then transferred the money.
Yesterday we phoned, a friend made me happy - I bought it, only $ 200 on top, because the price on the apple website does not include tax.
The Yandex calculator says that the purchase cost me 75,467.25 rubles.
For the sake of interest, I visited price.ru, and what do I see?
prce.ru: macbook pro 17
I called one of the stores, which indicates the price of 77,500 rubles.
Indeed there is in stock. American MacBook, engraved on the keys.
I'm upset. The machine will arrive to me without a box for reasons of convenience of transportation, I have to wait until 17 August for it. In addition, I strained a person in vain.
I wonder how the store can set such a price, some of its sources, cheaper than on the Apple website?
So many people write that in Russia it is terribly unprofitable to buy Apple equipment, it turns out that this is not quite the case. American MacBook can be bought here for the same money as in the United States.
At apple on the website are not the lowest prices and they do not include taxes.
On Amazon, you can buy a MacBook Pro 17 "for $ 2,089.93 and this price already includes tax. $ 400 cheaper than directly from Apple.
So in America, this book can be bought for 63,100 rubles and save about 14,000 rubles compared to Russian offers.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100760/

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