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2 Chinese ISPs control 20% of the world's broadband subscribers

Statistics has recently been published, which once again reminds everyone how big a country China is, and which Internet has become an important part of Chinese life. According to these data, only two Chinese providers account for 20% of all users of broadband Internet access worldwide.

The research company Telegeography , which compiled the report, has updated its database of global Internet providers and believes that compared with the scale of coverage of users with Chinese providers, no one can match. The largest Internet provider in the world, China Telecom has 55 million subscribers, the second largest - China Unicom, about 40 million.

Both companies will continue to grow, even if growth slows significantly in more developed markets. The researchers note that each of these companies increased its base by 9 million subscribers last year, which is comparable to the entire base of broadband subscribers of one of the largest US providers Verizon.

The rest of the providers are faded compared to the two telecommunications giants. In third place - Japanese NTT DoCoMo, which has 17 million subscribers, and all American providers are much smaller.
Teleography research director, Tania Harvey, believes that the gap between the top two list leaders and all other broadband operators in the world will continue to grow at a rapid pace. Compared to the two Chinese companies, a dozen of the largest broadband Internet access operators in the world work in mature, already established markets, with a high degree of penetration of broadband access, where the growth in the number of subscribers is rapidly slowing, she said.

Most of all in the top 10 of the world's largest Internet providers of American companies, and closes the top ten Korean telecom - KT. In European countries, the largest number of subscribers have broadband access to the network in Germany, France and the UK. In Russia, the penetration rate of broadband access is still low, and our companies still have much to strive for.

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