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Organizer for pumping

-Xzibit, please upgrade my organizer!
-No, people, I'm just on the typewriter.

Well, you need to do it yourself and do it well!



Many of us take the time to plan our affairs, keep notes, record some thoughts that would be nice to keep somewhere. Someone uses for this online services, someone - smartphones \ communicators (or other gadgets), someone - OneNote or TiddlyWiki. I use a bunch: TiddlyWiki (I refused OneNote due to the lack of cross-platform), Google notes, a mobile phone and a notebook. Lot? No just right :).

Tiddly Wiki - for keeping locally different records, making plans for something to read .
Google notes - as a collection of links, or a collection of information that is of no use to me without the Internet.
Smartphone - alarm clock and reminder.
An analog notebook - for planning, keeping notes, which later may be transferred to the BB, or for recording ideas.

Once I tried to unify the whole economy, stuffing it into one thing, but then I realized that it was useless: I can’t use the Tiddly Wiki in my situation anywhere except the computer, and I don’t always carry the computer with me, I love being on the lighter :). Google notes - it is also impossible to use everywhere, I went somewhere where not only the Internet, but there could be no electricity, and the eternal Russian question arises: “what to do?”. Smart - in spite of everything, it is rather inconvenient to keep notes in it, and the battery can be discharged at the most inappropriate moment.

Based on all of these factors, a few months ago I bought myself an analog organizer. The skin of young dermantine, stitched with white thread, small size; In general, we found each other.


All would be fine, only after some time clean sheets began to end, and even writing to old ones was not very convenient, my handwriting was rather wide and clumsy, so it was not very convenient to press into the lines given to me. The search for fillers for my organizer led to disappointing results, there are no such inserts and there will not be, as one lovely girl in a telephone conversation explained to me. It's a pity.

But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. I was not used to giving up!

Pick up a jigsaw

More precisely punch, printer and scissors. And also we will use Inkscape and MS Word or OOo (to taste).
I needed a special hole punch for 1 otvestriya (there are heaped up with adjustable punchers, but I decided to use a more budget option, the price difference is too high), maybe some have 4 digits or 2 in notebooks, you can buy a stationary punch for them now like dirt.
The hole punch - 6300 br (or $ 2.14), was made by the Chinese, so it had to be pumped in a bit too (by lengthening the centering drawing and painting it black with a marker), it was inconvenient to use.

Then I began to pick out thoughts about what pages I need. It took the following form

The next step was the design in the vector editor , having figured out that I found a lot of buns: easy to do, there are built-in extensions for automatic creation of tables and calendars, which saved me a lot of time.

It seems to be left to respawn and cut everything quite simple, but it was not there. The printer stubbornly sabotaged the work and refused to do duplex printing correctly, constantly shifting images on one side. My venture turned out to be in jeopardy.

But! How nice that I once bought this particular office lazer :), it has a special section for printing on envelopes, where the tray can be adjusted to the format of leaves I need, which is (75 X 120 mm).

We place on the A4 sheet several sheets for the organizer, we print, we cut out, we print the necessary material on them, we mark the holes, we punch and paste.


All enjoy life.

Warning! There are several technical issues. The distance from the edge of the hole of my hole punch, to the stop for the sheet is 9mm, the distance from the edge of the sheet to the edge of the hole in the organizer is 4 mm. Therefore, the sheet must be printed in size 81 X 120 mm and after punching cut a strip of 6 mm.


Puncher for $ 2.14;
Paper, I got free then :)
Toner 1 refueling on 4000 sheets, the price of $ 4 - can be ignored.

~ $ 3 and 30 minutes of free time, will provide you with the absence of internal consensual dissans and presence of your diary, sharpened for you.

Possible buns.

In the foreign Internet, mentions of separators run through, which can be attached to the desired page, thereby improving the pumped daily. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything like this in our realities, so I use multi-colored adhesive plastic bookmarks (bending in half and gluing to both sides of the sheet).


This approach can be used for various diaries, you can alter them, giving or making a full order in the printing house, you can flash it yourself (there are several topics on how to do it), you can use notebooks on clips. You can use special clips for papers.

PS When the technology has already been developed, adding new pages takes negligible time. But when I just tried and searched for solutions, the time was spent about 7 hours, and I also remembered all my vocabulary obscene language :).





I wish you success!

- All necessary files (svg sketches (also option in emf) and templates for my notepad) can be found here .
Distributed under the MIT license.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100755/

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