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Sales: “another feature - and sales will go”


Often, very often salespeople tell programmers: “Customers want this feature. Make it, and sales will soar. ”
The feature is added, sales do not soar. To the question "what ..." the answer is a bit predictable - "Late your body, customers have a different feature."
On the other hand, if there are over 9000 products on the market, then the need for unique functions is fully justified.

Moreover, one must look truthfully in the eyes - it often makes no sense to “finish the new functionality,” and one has to actively engage in sales.

Step 1 - identify sales channelsHere are very common trap type:

Step 2 - determine the impact of the seller on the success of each sales channel
For example, if a customer is left to himself (a self-service supermarket model), then his choice is influenced by two main factors:
Obviously, in this case, the influence of the seller on the client is minimal. Even in the presence of "sales department", which "must sell." In fact, these “sales departments” only process incoming requests, so only those customers who ALREADY made a choice call.
And in this case, the requirements of the sellers are justified - only the “check amount” depends on them. So let the programmers "finish the features", and the advertisers add them to the advertising brochures.

In another scenario, it is the seller who is responsible for the decision to “buy or not.” He is still communicated with by undecided clients, the so-called “prospects” (prospects) in Western terminology.
And here no new pa new features. Only mass executions and alternate beatings of the head of the sales department with whip and carrot.

Step 3 - conclusions
There are no conclusions - they have already been made and voiced above.

There is a conclusion: everything that is written above is well known, obvious and described many times. It is also undoubted that the majority forget / do not have time / can not apply these truths.
The main thing to remind more often.

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