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Help for victims of fires

Need help in the quick launch of the portal "Russian fires 2010" (russian-fires.ru).

The project is designed to coordinate and systematize the actions of people affected by fires and volunteers. The site is based on the Ushahidi platform. It is a system that allows you to collect messages from various sources, including blogs, social networks, and traditional media, and map them, as well as organize them. Anyone can send a message, leave a link to text, video or photos. The sender can be either just a person who has read about what happened, or the one who is witnessing events or needs help.

Because events develop rapidly, you need the same prompt response. Now the site is engaged in two people, and this is clearly not enough. Therefore, I appeal to the community for help.
Looking for:
1. moderators to enter information
2. A designer who could make a logo and pick up category icons (necessary for marks on the map) on some iconfinder.
3. PHP-programmer who could solve the problem with the encoding (Ushahidi was mainly used in English). The core is kohana.
4. People who can spread the rumor about the project.

Ready to provide the necessary data to all responded.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100751/

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