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Handgam do it yourself

I think it would be right to say right away that this topic does not pretend to be new. It is possible that all Habr's readers have long been able to do handgam at home, but the search is stubbornly silent, which is why I decided to publish this small note.

Now often write about hendgam . This is such a useless thing from which you can sculpt as from plasticine, with which you can play like with a rubber ball, and if you strike it sharply, it will crack like a glass. The truth is that these “fragments” can be molded together again. It sounds attractive, but I still do not want to pay money for such a toy.

Now I will tell you how to make the handgam yourself at home. We need the usual clerical (silicate) glue and vodka (or better pure alcohol). We mix alcohol and glue in equal proportions (if instead of alcohol we use vodka, then in volume fractions it should be somewhere 1.5 times more than glue) and we get a very nasty white mass. By consistency, it will resemble a thick wallpaper glue. Overcoming disgust, we take it in hand and wash it in cold (!) Water. That's all. Handgam is ready: you can sculpt figures from it, if you drop it on the floor, it jumps almost a meter, and if you hit it sharply, you will get the “fragments” I wrote about above. From industrial hendgam only one difference - the time of life. Our home crafts keep their properties for several hours, and then finally dries out. But after all these few hours are enough to play enough.
PS If we talk about the physics of the process, then it is worth remembering how solid bodies differ from liquid ones. The main difference is the so-called. relaxation time - i.e. the rate at which the molecular structure of a substance reacts to external forces. At hendgam, the relaxation time lies just between the relaxation time of the liquid and the solid body. This explains its amazing at first glance properties. If you want to better understand the process, I advise you to read about non-Newtonian fluids.

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