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ChartBeat - Listen to the pulse of your site

Many of the webmasters probably use Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica. I would like to tell you about the service, which does not cancel the statistics giants, but can be a good and exciting addition.


The service has a trial period (for activation you need a credit card), using which we got involved and decided to stay on a paid service.

So what does this service do?

The main thing is that you can watch in real time what is happening on your site. In particular, the following information is available:

This allows you to quickly respond to what is happening on the server, improve the content of popular pages and enhance the positive effect or notice what is happening with the server and correct the situation.

What else is interesting?

It is better to see once!

Therefore, below is a link to a real project where you can observe what is happening on the site and understand the applicability of the service on your site:

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