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A simple notebook with great features.

About the service

Wrttn is a simple notebook with great features. Type your note, save and share with friends. Is it very easy and fast?

Created pages contain only what you typed. There are no extraneous items. Only text and media content. And this is only a small part of what you can do!

Such simplicity goes well with great features. You can complete the page to your liking. Click options, create your css styles and select the desired type of markup: Textile , Markdown , HTML5 or plain text.

How can I use?

Wrttn application methods are unlimited. I will tell only about a few. You can write articles and give links to them in Digg , Reddit , DZone and Habrahabr , as well as many other sites of this kind. Record your thoughts and share the link with your friends on Twitter.

Keep a blog! Many people do not have their own personal full-fledged blogs, but from time to time they have the need to share with friends their thoughts, ideas and notes. Write notes and post links to twitter or facebook . You have already taken care of your convenience and you will find the necessary functionality in the administrative interface! Share your wrttn!


Want to manage notes not only from the browser? Or maybe you want to integrate them into your site? We already thought about it, so we developed a simple REST API . Create, delete, modify, pick up notes using the API . Or maybe you see great prospects and want to develop a software client?

Click embed on the administration page, copy the code and post it to your blog and the wrttn particle will appear in you too .

Add media content ... Youtube, Flickr, Vimeo, Amazon (o_O)

Add a video from youtube or a photo from flickr easier than ever! Create a link to a video clip or a photo and using embed.ly magic, YouTube or Vimeo videos and photos from Flickr and Twitpic will appear on your page. However, you are not limited to only four services. You can get acquainted with all supported services .

Say no to ads on pages!

The principle is simple: the page belongs to the one who created it or has a key for administration. The application does not place anything other than your content on the pages: you will not see any advertising or links!

And that's not it!

wrttn will be constantly improved. And even while you are reading these lines, it is being improved, made even faster and easier.

The todo list is full of ideas and many of them will be implemented soon. And here are some of them.

Keep up to date and follow updates on Twitter

It's time to write something already!

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