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iTunes - I hate you! ..

Once again, changing the phone, I somehow completely forgot and accidentally destroyed the phone address book. In principle, two months have passed, some contacts were raised, some “scored”, in general, I got used to it. And then I accidentally recall that I had synchronization experiences on iPod Nano. I open and ... here they are! All 400 contacts, divided into groups, in general, happiness to the fullest!

Well, I think, class, now synchronization with MacBook Pro and after through Google on Android and Profit.

On the Mac, as usual, everything is simple. Here is a screen.

Indeed - it's easier nowhere. Synchronization of both devices, an intuitive interface, the choice only with or without a photo, and go ahead - “Apply”! .. PROF ... Yes, that's right, I didn’t even have to say the word PROFIT, as it finished the operation without any questions the inscription about the "successful completion of the action."

Very embarrassed. Since it is true that I had only TWO contacts on the MacBook in the Address Book - Apple Support and me as the Owner and everything ... So synchronization worked. She simply blew all the contacts out of iPod (without demand, without confirmation, without specifying which way to synchronize, despite the fact that there are 400 contacts on the iPod, and 2 on the macbook) and put existing ones in exchange.

Um ... I’ll say this instead of an epilogue: [a few sentences are cut out by censorship] I’m somewhat “disappointed” with this behavior of iTunes and that I disrespect all the bad people who developed the user interface and options for this software.

And the rest is a warning. By the way, thanks to a well-thought-out user interface, you can kill not only Contacts, but also your Audio and Video collection.

PS: I understand that there are people who are being dragged away on iTunes, and I ask you not to take it to heart. On Mac, I like everything except this damned audio-video manager, who pokes everywhere and everywhere.

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