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Three books in Russian about how the editors of traditional media come to multimedia and go into it

During the first half of 2010, three publications appeared in Russia claiming to become manuals for media managers and practitioners, moving from traditional management models to various forms of multimedia, integrated, convergent editions.

Practice, both Russian and foreign, shows that there is no universal answer to the question: how to proceed to multimedia? No consultant will not yet show a fully successful business model and will not risk saying that you are acting only this way and not otherwise. Or - here is a sample of convergent edition, be sure to follow it. A lot depends on the country's tradition in the media, on the characteristics of the audience and the economic model of the media, on the leader of the change process, on the atmosphere in the team, on the size of the editorial board and its root business - whether it is television or radio, newspaper or agency. They all move towards convergence in different ways.

The most academic view on these processes is demonstrated by the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University in the textbook “Internet Media: Theory and Practice” edited by Maria Lukina. In terms of content and format, this is a classic university textbook. The authors carefully and scrupulously approached facts, historical milestones, sociological and legal terms. Examples from practice are included in the context, there is a glossary, classifications of new roles for journalists, content of online media, multimedia and synthetic genres. Circulation 3000 copies. Publishing house "Aspect Press".
The faculty of television and radio journalism of the Humanitarian University (Yekaterinburg) has released a collection of materials for the training seminars "Media convergence and multimedia journalism" (compiled by Svetlana Balmaeva). Interviews of American and Russian researchers and practitioners are collected under one cover, reflecting each from their perspective on where the media industry is heading. The materials maximally preserved the live speech of the authors. In the book - a minimum of tables and diagrams, a maximum of reflection. Circulation 100 copies. Publishing House of the Humanitarian University.

The Higher School of Journalism published the book “ Journalism and Convergence: Why and How Traditional Media Turns into Multimedia ” (edited by Anna Kachkaeva). The emphasis is placed precisely on the issues of transition from traditional media to multimedia. Three big examples - RIA Novosti, Altapress Publishing House and Radio Liberty - painted three Russian experiences on the transition to multimedia principles for organizing editorial work. The theoretical part is also present, but is written in the language of professional journals, with a focus on practicing managers, who are faced with the task of translating their editorial board onto multimedia rails. A distinctive feature of this edition is the ability to download its pdf-version for free .

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