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As a youth, many of us kept our personal diary, started an organizer, wrote down our thoughts and tasks. Some do it now. Someone keeps a regular diary in the old manner, while others prefer to keep an online diary on the Internet.
In RuNet there are various sites that allow you to keep a personal diary or organizer. Without in any way detracting from the merits of such sites, I want to draw your attention, Habr's readers, about the recently launched InMyBook.ru project. I will not hide the fact that I am the co-author of this site, and I would like to tell about the possibilities and advantages of this Internet resource.

What is InMyBook.ru?

In short, this is not just a personal online diary, it is more like a personal online diary that allows you to keep a diary, bookkeeping, schedule, record dreams, tasks, reminders, save documents, bookmarks, photos, print reports, and so on. Not without exaggeration, I can say that there are no exact analogues of this online service. There are scattered sites with similar functionality, but this is their disadvantage.
We tried to create such a site that would include all the necessary services for maintaining personal records. Yes, there are analogues to InMyBook.ru services, for example, diary - Diary.ru, accounting - Drebedengi.ru, timetable - calendar from Google.com, tasks - ToDoList.ru, reminders - Calend.ru, documents - Zoho.com, bookmarks - Memori.ru, photos - Yandex. Photo and so on. But these services are all scattered, and it’s just inconvenient to keep your records on different sites. Much better if all services are in one place. InMyBook.ru is just such a site that includes all the most important services necessary for keeping personal records.
It is very easy to use the in-book services. All the logic and interface of the site are built on the principle of "simple and convenient", so there it is difficult to not understand something. We tried to combine all the best in one site.

Under the cut there are several screen forms displaying the general view of the service.


Electronic Notebook:

Task list:


Home Accounting:

There is such a situation that now the Internet is full of various sites, and it’s very difficult for knowledgeable people to surprise with something. InMyBook.ru is not a discovery in Runet, but it is a whole set of functions in one place that can be useful to most readers.

The author of the article: Evgenia Rozhentsova .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100710/

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