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Surely each of us had situations when it was necessary to hide some important information. Hidden files and folders protect our information only from beginners. Encrypted archives are a good way out, but after seeing such an archive, the head of the security department may be interested in you. And you need it?

It is much better to hide the information so that no one even thinks that you have secret files somewhere. This is what steganography is invented for. Wikipedia assures us that “ teganography (from the Greek. Στεγανοσ - hidden and Greek. Γραφω - I write, literally,“ secret writing ”) - is the science of the hidden transmission of information by preserving the very fact of the transfer. the secret message, steganography hides its very existence. Steganography is usually used in conjunction with cryptography methods, thus complementing it . " If you carefully study the article from Wikipedia, you can learn that the so-called steganography algorithms appear. container and message. A container is any information that helps to hide our secret message.

Today I want to offer you the simplest version of the use of steganography. No cryptographic algorithms. We just hide a few files in a normal picture.

At first glance, there is nothing top-secret in this picture, but we will not rush to conclusions. Let's first talk a little about the features of the jpeg format. The fact is that when parsing this format, all viewers ignore any information stored after the image and service data. We will take advantage of this.

I wrote a small program that writes random files to the selected picture. This program I want to present to you. You can download it here .

The process of working with the program is very simple:

Step 1. Run the program, click on the picture with the apple and select your own container (picture).


Step 2. Select files for recording using the appropriate button and write them into a picture.


Step 3. Select files from the list of already uploaded files and, by clicking on the “upload files” button, get them in the program folder (in the _ <image name> subfolder).

3 That's all. Although no, I almost forgot. If you want to get the source code of this program, I advise you to save the apple (first picture) to your hard disk and open it in this program.

PS Do not forget to select the files that you want to upload!

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100709/

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