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The largest 360 ° panoramic photo in the world - 70 gigapixels!

The biggest panorama photo in the world - Budapest

A group of young Hungarians, sponsored by such giants as Epson, Microsoft and Sony, created the largest 360 ° panoramic photo in the world! The picture was taken from a 100-year-old observation tower, located on the highest point of Budapest, and is more than 590,000 pixels wide and 121,000 pixels high!

In order to take the required number of shots in the shortest amount of time, the authors of the record photo used a pair of Sony A900 cameras equipped with Minolta AF 400mm f / 4.5 APO G lenses and 1.4x teleconverters mounted on a robust tripod of their own design, but even with this setting It took more than three hours. The photographs were merged together using the Autopano Giga software on the Dell Precision T7500 workstation with two Intel Xeon quad-core processors, 24 gigabytes of RAM and 6 terabytes of storage space. The stitching process took two full days, which resulted in a 200 GB KRO file, which then had to be converted to PPM format and split into 3 parts for further processing in Photoshop. The result of the work done can be viewed on the authors website:
70 Billion Pixels - Budapest (the latest version of Silverlight must be installed on a computer to view the panorama)

When printing with a resolution of 300ppi, the photo will be 156 meters long and 31 meters wide, which exceeds the length of the football field!
Although the original photo will hardly ever be printed, Epson made a 15 meter 1.5-gigapixel version of the photo and plan to set it up at the Erzhebet observation station in Budapest on September 11-12, 2010. The print was made using an Epson Stylus Pro 11880 wide-format printer using Micro Piezo technology and Epson's Ulta Chrome K3 ink kit.


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