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Different passwords for different services of the same google account

Google is undoubtedly the leader in providing useful and convenient services. All services are combined under one account. Services have an API and this means that you can write third-party applications to work with certain google services. For example, Google Reader is convenient to use as an archive of rrs subscriptions, but I personally find it convenient to read the rss feed using FeedDemon . By the way, I recommend to everyone, if you have not heard about this program.

FeedDemon has the ability to synchronize with Google Reader and, of course, requires a password for authorization with the ability to save the password, which is completely insecure. And here is my main idea - it would be nice if you could create special passwords for access to certain services of your account and with the ability to set rights (for example read only, etc.), and use the main (master password) for administrative work This will allow without special risk to use passwords in third-party applications.


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