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Icons Autokadabry used in the design of online auction eBay

Many are familiar with the largest online auction site eBay , whose turnover is about 10 billion dollars. Much less people know ( they know exactly on Habré) the social network of motorists Avtokadabra , the chip of which is an exclusive set of car icons . What do these two sites have in common? The answer is simple - eBay completely illegally uses the icon of a car from Autocadabra. (The icon is located on the main eBay page , press refresh, if it does not appear)

eBay steal car icon

The curves hands of the eBay designer made a small restyling, but it is clearly visible that the icon is from Autokadabra. Here is a confirmatory hypnogiph:

Taking this opportunity, I want to congratulate Themed Media company (the creators of Avtokadabra). This is a clear recognition of success! At the same time, I congratulate the entire Russian icon design industry.

But generally ugly, of course, turned out. Just do not think that we are complaining. We are proud.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100697/

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