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Disadvantages of Microsoft Email

In this topic, I will describe the shortcomings that "protect" me from using Microsoft's online mail solutions. Some of these shortcomings have been around for many years, and Outlook Live Beta (Outlook Web App Beta) has appeared recently.

Currently, I have two email accounts: the first is in the @ hotmail.com zone (public free), the second is in the area of ​​the organization where I work (Live @ edu, Outlook Live).

1. The impossibility of sending from these addresses to arbitrary email addresses (this restriction has recently been removed! Hurray!)
All redirection and collection of mail is possible only within the Microsoft mail zone (@ hotmail.com and Live @ services). As a user, this restriction is annoying, I want to decide for myself what and how I process email. Where it is more convenient for me, where I used to. Why don't Google, Mail.ru, Yandex limit me on this?

2. Absence of java client for mobile phone
If I had a Windows Mobile smartphone, it would not be a problem for me. Again, Google, Mail.ru, Yandex have convenient java applications for viewing and sending mail.
3. Linked Windows Live IDs do not work as expected.
I cannot quickly switch between my two accounts. Moreover, if I entered under the Live @ edu ID, I can not even go to the site hotmail.com - I am immediately redirected to the site outlook.com. In order to log in to hotmail.com, you need to log out and log in under @ hotmail.com ID.

4. Flaws in Outlook Live Interface
I understand that Beta but still. Even when deleting all letters from the inbox (and from the recycle bin), the last read letter continues to “hang” in the display area of ​​the letter! With that, I deleted all the letters.

I hope that in the near future these shortcomings will be eliminated.
Well, users, as usual, "vote with their feet."

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