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Extension of urls is a meaningless and merciless occupation

I do not know how someone spends this weekend, but I had a strong desire to do something truly useless for humanity. Not long going through the options, stopped at one.

I am sure that if there are services that shorten links, then there should be those that extend. Those. It is very important that the balance of the changing services in nature is maintained. The latter were easily found: this is HugeUrl , and TitanUrl , and FreakingHugeUrl , and others ... But what could be more useless than trying to make an unnecessary thing better. I didn’t find a perfect extension cord, one uses flash, the other makes urls not working in IE, the third makes urls too short.
Therefore, I ask you to love and favor my vision of a service that makes urls meaninglessly long .

The main purpose of the service is to lengthen links. He manages to 5-, because of the Google App Engine restriction, the maximum URL length is limited to 2073 characters (who would have thought?), And not as originally intended 2083 (the maximum URL length for IE , which has to be reckoned with: ()

Of course, as you could forget about Twitter users, they are allotted only 140 characters. Justice had to triumph and she did it - now there is a unique opportunity to create a long meaningless url exactly 140 characters long, not one digit more, not one letter less.
As it was realized, a rather original idea, which did not contradict the concept arose, an idea - to use quite specific and meaningful words instead of meaningless characters. Let's say, so that instead of the URL of the form http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-8PBx7isoM there was a more understandable URL http://huge-url.appspot.com/www.youtube.com/embrace-life -always-wear-your-seat-belt . This extension option was also implemented and available even without registration! (understand your surprise). The long title is obtained by simple analysis of the page, the link to which we extend. I hope no one will need it, otherwise this feature will have to be removed, as contrary to the original desire.

API appeared:


PS This is not my first topic, so you can minus :)

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