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The evolution of corporate logos

The logo, as well as the name, defines the appearance of the company. Famous brands will recognize millions of people. If you see a yellow letter M consisting of two arcs, then you immediately recall McDonalds, and the outline of the nibbled apple will remind you of Apple.
Let's look at the well-known logos ... what they were and are.


The four rings have nothing to do with the Olympic rings, but they are the emblem of one of the oldest German automakers. They signify the merger in 1932 of four previously independent firms: Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer. Together with NSU Motorenwerke AG, which joined in 1969, all these automakers are now known as Audi AG. The company itself has more than a century of history. In September 2009, Audi introduced its new logo, adding an element of three-dimensionality to the same rings. Now millions of people know this logo.

Apple Inc

First, on the logo of Apple Computers was painted an apple tree with Isaac Newton under it and the inscription Apple Computer Co on the ribbon. Soon it was considered too difficult to read and replaced with a striped apple bitten. Some fans even try to justify this logo with a biblical tradition of Adam and Eve. Now the apple has lost its colors and has become silver.


British designer Abram Geymes, who became famous for creating the very first BBC logo, called it “bat wings”. These “wings” served for less than a decade and were replaced by a circle with the image of the contours of Britain and the inscription “BBC tv”. After they began to broadcast a television picture in color, the logo also became colored. A couple of logos have changed, and in the end only the black BBC letters inside the white squares remained. Simple and tasteful.


Created in 1974, the logo of the company Federal Express has undergone only one change. The modern version is simple to disgrace: the abbreviated name of the company and the barely noticeable icon of the registered brand. As a special chip between the letters Ex, you can see the white arrow, which symbolizes the delivery. Meanwhile, this logo, Rolling Stone magazine considers one of the best logos of the last 35 years, along with the logos of Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, IBM, Starbucks, McDonald's and Playboy. In general, all ingenious is simple.


The IBM logo, familiar to all, was created by the American designer Paul Rand and was an abbreviation of the company name, written in the City Medium font. Later he also updated the logo. As a result, we are pleased with these white-blue-striped letters.


Surely most at least have heard about this manufacturer of photographic equipment and photographic materials, and many once had (or still have) the soap boxes of their production. In 1960, the company instead of the old incomprehensible logo introduced a new, in the form of a folded sheet. After 11 years, a new logo appeared, known to all photographers. But in 2006 it was updated and, like many others, it became a simple and understandable inscription with the name of the company.


After the launch in 1981, the logo always had one big letter M and two casually drawn tv. But just as they were not painted! And even now you can see different versions of the same logo, which in general has not changed for almost thirty years.


A young American pharmacist Caleb Bradham in 1893 wanted to create a medical syrup, but it turned out Pepsi-cola. The first logo was painted by Caleb’s neighbor. Having passed a long and changeable way, the logo did not become so simple as in others, but it became bright and memorable. Red-white-blue wavy circle? Pepsi!

The logos used in the article are registered trademarks ... known to half the world.

I ask you all the same not to kick, I just translated someone else's article ... throwing one company out of it, really

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