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Microsoft is going to oppose the deal Yahoo! and google


Probably, most representatives of the Chabras community have already heard that the Japanese division of Yahoo! going to make a deal with Google, replacing your own search service search engine Google. This event is all the more interesting because the Yahoo! Microsoft has long since agreed on a similar move, in return for advertising charges for Yahoo! (in general, the contract is more complicated, but the situation is approximately as follows).

For Microsoft, the defection of the Japanese branch of Yahoo! - like a knife in the heart, because nothing of the kind and it was impossible to assume. It is clear that the software corporation is not going to give the Japanese web users into the hands of Google (especially since Yahoo! in Japan occupies a large share of the search market). So, a grand trial is planned, initiated by Microsoft. Management of the latter said that in no case will not allow the implementation of an agreement between Yahoo! and google.
Microsoft officials claim that this agreement is the largest violation of antitrust laws. Even larger than the earlier attempt by Google to negotiate with Yahoo! on the merger of search capabilities (2008). Let me remind you, then the corporation Yahoo! I was looking for an opportunity to find a way out of a difficult situation with my own business (and again I remind you that it was then that the former CEO of Yahoo! refused to sell Microsoft his own business).

In general, now Microsoft will do its best to remove the possibility of a deal between Yahoo! in Japan and Google. The reason is simple - the fact is that if the transaction takes place, then 90%, if not 100% of the search market in Japan, will go to Google. Namely, Japan, as mentioned above, is a very tasty morsel for Microsoft. In general, if Google does agree with Yahoo !, it will become a monopolist in Japan. But antitrust laws are very tough, so the deal can really be “covered up”.

Well, the matter is quite interesting, so we will follow the development of events.

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