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How to make legal homebrew at the moment

I will speak about Sony and its portable set-top box - psp, but what I will say is applicable for any case when an iron manufacturer bans manufacturing and marketing a homebrew, but allows you to buy a development kit.
I think many have already guessed - I am talking about the opportunity to unite, buy a kit and develop the necessary software for the hardware. That is, in the end, we will not get quite homebrew, but still a large number of people will have access to sdk (a group of 50 people, for example).
What is necessary for this - read on .


1. We collect programmers who are ready to invest in the purchase of devkit

It is desirable that these people were, at least, from one region, so that you can meet "live". People should be reliable (they will not give devkit / sdk to the left) and are ready to give money "this minute." You need to be guided by an amount slightly larger than the devkit costs, for 1500 Euro (whale costs 1200), in order for one of the attachments to fail, as a result of unintended spending (who knows what else sony will take the money for) did not have to look for people again.

2. Making the People “The Super Psp Programming Team”

In general, we give the group of developers a name, perhaps we register TM
3.We write a letter / meet with friends from Sony

We say that we are ready to buy devkit to develop applications and games. We focus on the fact that applications will be developed in order to obtain consent and not to be otshitym in the future when trying to add an application to the store.
Having received the consent (we do not receive - we are upset, but ... we lose nothing)

4. Collect money

Buy devkit

5. Give devkit to the best / selected encoder

We distribute the SDK to everyone who invested, each signs a non-proliferation paper.

6. We develop

There is an SDK, now we are doing software, perhaps we are uniting in mini-groups

7. We test

We test very well, it should be checked by everyone who invested - it is not accepted to replace the software in the ps-store (however you can update)

8. Add to Playstation Store

What's next?

And we go again on points 6-8, along the way you can collect donates and sponsors.


Plus, there is a workaround when 10 people can gather and find a couple of sponsors, whose ads will be shown, for example, when the application is launched. Plus, no one bothers to do the integration of applications with the services of the sponsor.

The only catch

The main problem is to get a principle agreement from sony that software will be written and it will be laid out for free / for a small denyuzhku. (point 3).
However, most homebrew falls under the notion of minis, which Sony itself defines as small applications / games that are up to 100MB in size, which is somewhat encouraging.

Here is such an idea

What do you think, habra-community?

PS Website for future and current developers: develop.scee.net

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