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Google Code Jam 2010 - Results

Best programmers according to Google in 2010

Greetings to all!


Google Code Jam is a programming contest for which you need the ability to think quickly, make up properly working algorithms, and of course program in one of the programming languages.

I think this post will be of interest to the entire Habras community, and not just Habrayuser connected with programming directly, for several reasons:

What you need was for victory

To win, you only needed to go through a few online selections and, as a result of your passing, arrive in Dublin for an offline round. In the offline round, it was necessary to complete 6 tasks faster than all the others (for example, there were 5 tasks in the 2008 final, and 6 in the 2009 final), while the limit was 4 hours. Each task has two levels of difficulty (the difference in the size of the incoming data), so you can try a simple level any number of times, and only 1 attempt is given for a complex level.

Four winners

Do not think that there were only 4 winners, all those who got to the offline round are already winners!
But still, someone was the first, and so attention to the screenshot

The full list is here .
You can congratulate the representatives of Russia who took the 1st and 3rd places, as well as the programmer from Holland who is located on the 2nd place.

Attentive readers may have noticed that there are four participants in the screenshot, and so the fourth place went to the winner of Google Code Jam 2008 and Google Code Jam 2009 - the programmer from China ACRush. Look only at the number of attempts to perform the 6th task on a simple difficulty level and all this in the last 10 minutes (did not give up until the last, it is understandable, if completed, he would have fallen to 2nd place).


It is impossible not to rejoice that in the 20-ke of the best programmers in the world (sorry, that is so globally) there are Russians, Ukrainians, Poles and Belarusians.
I wonder why Gennady Korotkevich did not take part in the offline round, who passed to the finals under number 5, but let's hope that he has everything ahead.

Tell me where it is better to place, in “Google” or in “Sport Programming”?

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