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Vicious element #Vkontakte

A few months ago, the Vkontakte website opened for public dialogue with users, thanks in large part to Vladislav Tsyplukhin ( invladis ) and to the website habrahabr.ru/. Habr is an interesting platform and authoritative in its own way. The opinion here is listened to. That's why Vkontakte is trying to be open. Seem more precisely. In fact, everything is different.

But now is not about that. Now - about people who spoil this image. They hide their decisions, hide their actions, persecute those who disagree with the eternal ban - this is such a fun, you know. The main thing is to write a fabricated reason.
Distribution of the so-called disclaimers (plates about incorrect information on the user’s page) wholesale and retail, assigning the votes “for nothing” written off to his beloved. Moreover, it is not the moderators who are busy with this (as a rule, who recently bought the post for “30 pieces of silver” of Judah and therefore cowardly by definition), but administrators who have not achieved anything outstanding in the internal hierarchy of the site.
In confirmation of this, Viktor Strelchuk wrote in his blog (http://strelchook.livejournal.com/5876.html) a very entertaining post. The most informative in another - I checked the facts given by him through a familiar administrator and - oh, a miracle! - all confirmed. Screens, for obvious reasons, will not be posted to the public - no one wants to stay without work.

Yesterday I read the article “There is no limit to lawlessness” ( habrahabr.ru/blogs/social_networks/100446 ) and many interesting things have come to mind. For example…
In the summer of 2009, we (like-minded people at that time) accidentally discovered a bug in the API 2.0 system — it just “surfaced” by itself. The guys wanted to play pranks: spend a part on gifts and a rating (well, it's like 25% of the found treasure is due - they decided). And I - it so happened - and the voices and rating and gifts were. I was not afraid of them. I decided to tell Alexey Bogatov about the bug - and he was “in the tank” - the person was closed. A companion moderator reported. that through their channels conveyed bugreport to Alexei. I went to bed.
Morning: the voices are not written off, everyone doesn’t care about the bug, the reaction from Alexey is zero. “Your case” - I thought, and transferred the voices to the id of those who helped to get to the administration. It seems - everything - the curtain. The time has passed, I became the official developer of VK applications, I got the rights of a moderator. A couple of days later, Alexey Bogatov took away the rights and declared something strange: "You are a thief, there is no place for thieves." In essence, it is a judicial statement, and it’s also amoral. The reaction to my constructive answer is to blacklist me wherever possible.
Imagine, still trying to defend their honest name - and in any way. "The most open company in the world" traditionally "stood in a pose" offended administrator, offended by the average user aobogatov Alexei Bogatov

Comical and funny, about offended by only one user, the largest social network in Russia.

After that: this is not a stupid whining, just a call to act, to get rid of the closed segments of the site and even the whole system of “mutual responsibility” and protection of one’s own, for 3 years well-established.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100645/

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