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How to competently influence the subconscious - on the example of advertising SkyLink

For the umpteenth time I stumble on TV for SkyLink advertising - a CDMA operator. And for a long time I want to give an analysis of this commercial in order to demonstrate how competently the text of the advertisement has been compiled.

To begin with, I will say that SkyLink is a mobile operator, which, before the spread of 3G networks and the Internet, tried to play on providing fast access to the Internet. However, 3G came and SkyLink's “trick” disappeared ...

So meet. Their PR-managers knowingly eat their own bread. A new feature on which they are trying to play is the unproven harm of cell phone radiation and the isolation of their range from GSM operators.
About the harm of cellular radiation - in general, many horror stories have been invented. However, all studies are reduced to the fact that "well, yes, maybe it is harmful, but only if you keep the radiating phone at your ear for half a day." But in general - as always - no one really could prove anything, and so far the harm to the phones is more than a horror story, on which some organizations are trying to play.

For starters, watch the video (specially recorded an advertisement for 2 days to catch it):

Now let's analyze the text.
Here, look ... Telephones emit waves.
Can not argue. Notice - we drew these same waves (to give tangibility). But at the same time, not a word was said about their harm (after all, it is not proven and it is impossible to mislead the consumer).
But SkyLink has a special CDMA technology that reduces them.
Here it is not entirely clear ... CDMA reduces the waves? Hmm ... I am not an expert in high-frequency radio communications and cellular standards ... Perhaps, indeed, due to slightly higher emission frequencies as compared to GSM and few other standards, it is possible to achieve a stable signal with slightly lower emissions ...

The image is fixed by a picture that clearly demonstrates how the waves are reduced when this mysterious "CDMA technology" is turned on.
So you can talk and not be afraid!
And this is a brilliant phrase! Pay attention to how it is composed!

On the one hand, after it, an idea creeps into your subconscious that you still have something to fear. On the other hand, it is built in such a way that it does not claim to be afraid of ordinary radiation. She only says that you can not be afraid of SkyLink conversations.

All this is reinforced by the frame in which a cute girl is put to the ear of the phone. Here we remember the terrible waves from the first picture ... We represent the brain of an unprotected cute girl ... a phone that radiates the waves next to its children's head ... And how they decrease when using CDMA.

Well, all this ends with a beautiful slogan “SkyLink. Communicate on health. "

Those. again we are alluded to health.

And now, see how it all worked out. We were not told anything about the (allegedly) harm of cellular radiation. But we were clearly struck in the head by the idea that it is necessary to be afraid of ordinary radiation and that according to SkyLink you can safely communicate to children without any risk to health. But most people will take it all as a fact. This will be especially effective for mothers who want to protect their own children from all sorts of harmful influences.

In my opinion - work on "5+"! Well done!


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