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OmniFocus for iPad. Harsh program at a harsh price

Readers of my tweeter may have seen the message “I'll tell you that #omnifocus for ipad is also strange as for mac, but beautiful and thought out. This is not some poppy Things, this is uh! ” . In any case, I want to say more than a few words about this.

OmniFocus for mac has long served me perfectly as the main, unique and unique organizer of all my affairs. At one time I went through a visual / UI delight from Things to an understanding of the inconvenience and ill-conceivedness of real work with this, the most popular GTD system for poppy. Finding the right tool took at least a month. I tried everything in this area - both software and web systems. At the end of the search I stopped at OmniFocus quite consciously and intelligently. Of course, OF not as sexy as Things, but I need it not for admiring, but for everyday work. In my opinion, according to the possibilities and flexibility, other systems did not stand next to each other, and this is much more important for me than anything else. Reasonableness OF and general logic seem to me excellent and very consistent after you understand the general concept. In short, the issue of “proper GTD on a computer” was finally resolved for me. From time to time, I download new versions of Things and other fresh GTD systems and once again see how sad and disgusting my workflow is.
OF for ipad was actively asked by the peoples in the Omni forum and was promised in June, then postponed to July. Although I was angry at the developers for such a leisurely and low, as it seemed to me, priority of this most important program, but I waited patiently. Well, to be completely honest, I tried various applets from the app store that users praised, but did not dig up anything satisfactory.

Today OF for iPad came out. At the same time, the price of the issue, by the standards of the ipad app store, is simply exorbitant - $ 40. The same, not for the nights mentioned Things for the iPad, costs $ 20 and its users emanate anger and bile at such a high price. And here there are as much as $ 40, which is even strange and wild in places. On the other hand, if you look at the price apart from the ipad specificity, then $ 40 for one of the main programs for everything in the world is not so expensive. I think that even if OF cost everything $ 80, it would not stop me. For those who bought OF for iphone there is a discount of $ 25 , but alas, only for those who bought after the iPad was released.
Now essentially: OF for the iPad is good. More than completely! Unlike the iphone version, which is a bit of a bit of functionality, the iPad version covers almost everything that you can imagine. It is completely complete although somewhat different than for mac. All traditional modes are represented here, including Inbox, Projects and Contexts. Plus, there are two new ones, Map with context binding to a place on the map and your location, and Forecast, which shows a mini-calendar for due dates. All my perspectives (Perspectives) from the desktop version here also appeared after synchronization. For synchronization, I use my own webdav server, but you can do it through MobileMe, directly (via wifi) with your computer and through some “Omni Sync Server (Beta)” which I have not tried as unnecessary. Sync speed is not just fast, but very fast. All of mine was transferred there in a matter of seconds, and subsequent updates occur even faster, almost instantly.

In terms of appearance, the program does not try to be “slick and sexy”. Like the desktop version, there is a rather strict interface, but at the same time it is very thoughtful and functional. To me personally, it seems much more adequate than trying to pretend to be a paper notepad. The input form in the Inbox is not overloaded with stupidities and allows both quick entry and addition of advanced data including dates, notes, and even audio and photo supplements.

The list of projects looks very wonderful, not like everyone else, but it is also reasonable and pleasant. To wander through projects and tasks is a pleasure, editing is done exactly as expected. From any actions from the list of projects, you can jump into contextual mode with one click. The organization of contexts also does not cause special questions, except for one thing: why did the authors decide to show everything in a flat sheet with groups, and not in the hierarchy (as in projects).

Review in the ipad version is made, in my opinion, more convenient and more logical than in OF for poppy. Leads on projects, allows you to click on the explicit buttons or change the status (dropped / completed / on hold / active) or mark as Reviewed.

Map, with a binding to a context and automatic switching in this context, probably will be useful to someone, but for me it is not very relevant. But Forecast, with the calendar line at the top and a list of actions on them, is cool to the extreme and simply must appear in the desktop version.

The special power of OF in the perspectives that you lovingly create for yourself. In the iPad version, all perspectives come from a large computer, and are accessible. You can mark the most useful with a star, and they will appear in the first level of the main list. This is very convenient, although it seems to me that editing and creating perspectives on the iPad cannot be done, or I was looking badly. If this is true, then there is either a flaw or a conspiracy. For me, OF without my perspectives, People, Next Work, History, Urgent and Due Sort lose half (at least) of their usefulness. Perhaps you are so pushed to buy the poppy version, although it is strange. I hope that the possibility of editing will appear (or be found), although for me personally this problem is completely invisible, since All perspectives can be edited in the poppy version.

These are the first and very fresh impressions. And yes, I’m just begging you - don’t arrange “Things vs. OF” wars in the discussion / comments. If Things suits you, then just ignore all my attacks on this program, which seems to be wonderful and suitable for your purposes. The second request: you should not make a special condemnation of the essence of my tasks . I showed those that are not related to work and those that I could show.

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