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To / In Ukraine, a blogger was called in for questioning for criticizing Yanukovich in his blog

In particular, for the famous video " Yanukovych and the Fir monster ." The security service of Ukraine took from the blogger Oleg Shinkarenko a written promise that he would not criticize the authorities in his blog. This was reported in LJ Shinkarenko himself. The wording of the call is very entertaining - for the threat of an official. The agenda of the prosecutor's office is supported by the case. You can get acquainted with it, though it is in Ukrainian. In this scenario, today in / in Ukraine you can take any blogger.

By the way, a very interesting fact. A blogger called in for interrogation claims that all entries that tarnish Yanukovych have disappeared from his blog. And the truth is - following the link to one of these records last night available - http://singing-foot.livejournal.com/244408.html today we see that “Access is denied”.

We live in interesting time, in interesting ...


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100640/

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