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Mobile games are a pretty serious niche in the modern video entertainment industry, especially considering projects for iOS. Dozens of magazines, both printed and online, are devoted to their elder counterparts living on consoles and PCs, while almost none of them are portable entertainment. It was decided to correct this injustice in February 2009, when the first issue of the magazine More Than One Game ( MTOG ) was born .

As they say, the first pancake always turns out to be a lump. Our case can hardly be called an exception. An unsightly short PDF booklet compiled by a coder who, then, had no experience in the design of magazines, with articles written literally by a couple of authors. Nevertheless, already the first issue approved some principles that we tried to follow in further work - direct contact with the developers and publishers of games and impartiality in writing articles. The magazine was surprisingly widely distributed in circles of fans of mobile games, the mail was full of people who wanted to take part in the development. At the same time, one of the readers suggested that we be issued not only as a PDF, but also as a separate midlet to the J2ME platform - many of the target audience do not have a computer or a communicator, but only a regular mobile phone.
Since then, the magazine has been published in two formats. The engine for J2ME has often undergone various changes, work on it has not stopped until now - in just a month a new version will be introduced. Most of the authors of the articles are, of course, schoolchildren, but among them are individuals who are fluent in literary syllables. That is what we try to keep in the team of the magazine.

As already mentioned, one of the priorities in the work on the new issue of the magazine is always the search for an interesting exclusive. The magazine keeps in touch with mobile game developers from around the world. The two main platforms monitored are J2ME and iOS, and attention is also paid to Symbian and Android.
A year after the release of the first issue, the journal was temporarily closed. I had a lot of problems that did not allow me to devote enough time to the project. But the team did not break up, many ideas were thought out, which partially appeared in the new, 13th issue of the magazine, which was released today. I also spread it to the community court. It is interesting to hear opinions on the quality of the content and design of the magazine, proposals for development, and, possibly, cooperation.

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