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Making a Pinball Game on a Blender Game Engine

image Finished translating chapter 5 of the Blender GameKit2 book.

The chapter describes the constructive features of the creation of the game Pinball in BGE.

Probably all in childhood were played in this arcade. I remember in the summer in the rest house I spent several days beside this apparatus, knocking on the buttons and forcing the ball to run on a tilted field and fill me with glasses :)

This chapter describes the use of new logical blocks (NAND Controller, Delay Sensor, State system, and Actuator Sensor) created within the Apricot Project and introduced in Blender 2.48.

In the next chapter describing the creation of a submarine simulator in BGE, all these elements are already fully utilized.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100634/

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