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At the Black Hat conference, software for decrypting calls in GSM networks is presented.


Not so long ago, I already wrote about the software " Kraken ", which through the use of special cryptographic tables helps to break the A5 / 1 encryption algorithm (it is used massively by mobile operators) for GSM networks. But one thing is hacking the algorithm, and another is a complete decoding of the encoded signal. This new technology, which was also presented at the Black Hat conference, copes with this “with a bang”. Generally speaking, this conference brought a lot of unexpected things, starting from that very Kraken, and ending with ATM hacking. So, this time the expert on cryptography Karsten Nogl introduced an improved software package Airprobe. According to the developer, this software, coupled with several components, makes it possible to simplify the task of decrypting signals transmitted over GSM networks (Airprobe allows you to record and decode conversations and SMS).

In order to become a real spy for whom all mobile negotiations are available, you no longer need to be a member of any special service. It is enough to buy a programmable radio module for a computer (somewhere around $ 1000), plus take the very Kraken mentioned at the very beginning, plus get the cryptographic tables for Kraken-a (the same Nogl laid them out in August 2009 , after the presentation on Black Hat), plus adopt the Airprobe itself, which the hacker also posted on the Web after the presentation at the conference. Of course, you also need a computer or laptop.
Interestingly, most of the existing GSM networks can be cracked through this kit. The fact is that there is a patch for mobile networks, which was standardized in the US and other countries two years ago. However, for various reasons, the miser pays twice the mobile operators in many countries have not yet integrated this patch into themselves. As a result, anyone who has some technical skills and the PC + software set mentioned above can try to decode the signals of their own mobile operator. It is clear that Nogl does not guarantee decoding, but he claims that Airprobe is fully operational.

I recall that the early versions of the Airprobe did not withstand any criticism, since they were very imperfect. But now, when Nogl got down to business, everything became fully operational. In general, the further - the more interesting, right? Maybe remember about the transfer of messages pigeons? Or there are towers to start building to transmit smoke signals. Everything will be safer than GSM. Of course, this is just a joke, irony, but in every joke ... well, you understand everything.

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