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Nokia N8 - terms, price, updates, where it will be sold

Considering the interest that people show on Habré to this product, let me give myself the last update of information on this phone and the state in which it is located. Price, terms of appearance, places of sale and similar trifles. And also about what is currently happening in development with this device.

Delivery time and price
The model will begin shipping to a number of key markets at the end of September, tentatively on September 25. The cost of the device will be about 460-475 Euro, depending on the market. The Russian cost will be equal to 18,990 rubles, the company originally planned to sell the device at 19,990 rubles. The revision of the cost is connected with a delay of one month (the model was initially waited on August 25, Victoria Eremina, PR director of Nokia Eurasia, said this in May this year, she also indicated the cost of 1,990 rubles).

Contents of delivery
For China and a number of Asian markets, a stylus is included. It will not be in European shipments (unless the operators ask for the opposite). In Russia, in connection with the recall of your humble servant, who did not shine with a positive, it was decided to strengthen the scope of supply, a silicone case will be included free of charge in the first installments. Unfortunately, it will match the color of the case. That is the black device, it is a black cover. And so on. Update. All colors will be black case.


In real life, the case (for some reason, it began to be called the bumper by analogy with the iPhone 4) does not look very nice. The device looks better without it. Such covers look more interesting, but they will start to be delivered from the end of the year and only to the company retail (while it is not known about other supplies).


Places of sale, volume of deliveries

Nokia has decided to limit the scope of supply in order not to face problems, as was the case with the Nokia N97, Nokia X6 and other devices. Therefore, throughout the world, during October, this unit will be available in a limited number of countries and in limited quantities. In fact, according to reviews in the first few weeks, a software update will be prepared, which by air will be offered to all users in mid or late November.

The delay in the month and the transfer of the output are also related to the fact that the company actively “finishes” Symbian ^ 3. And they are trying to achieve stable operation in all applications. Month is a long time, let's see what we can fix in extra time.

In Russia, the model will appear at the end of September, approximately on the 25th. It is not yet decided whether there will be a bonus in the form of a cover later. Most likely it will refuse to supply all distributors. The volume of deliveries in the first month is about 15.000 devices. In the future, monthly will be about the same amount. This is quite comparable with the supply of other models of this price range, for example, Samsung Wave.

Changes in firmware

Guaranteed changes. Nokia purchased various additional codecs in August, for example, DivX, and will install them into this device. That is, DVDRip and similar things, the device will twist out of the box.

Stability. It improves quite noticeably from week to week, but a rather extensive set of small problems remains.

By the end of September, the company hopes to have time to include in the delivery (update by air, only for N8) a new browser. Unfortunately, most likely this will not happen and the browser, we will see in October, or even November. Now all the forces are thrown on the creation and binding of the browser for the S40 Touch, which should be announced in the near future (Touch platform, not the browser). In any case, the N8 is one of the first devices with a new, updated browser (is a separate review of this browser interesting?).

The expected time of appearance of PR firmware is about mid-August. Weekly many changes are made to the current options. At the moment, the issue of updating the version of social versions is also being resolved (the client will receive an update immediately).

For a number of markets, the question of including a set of free games from the OVI Store (the same games sold in August for 1 Euro, dollar or pound) is also being resolved. A set of games can be quite impressive. But only in case the company becomes completely generous. At the moment, the cost of the model is greatly increasing (delay, time for additional development, more bundles and programs).

Hardware changes
In terms of "iron" everything is ready and there will be no changes. The prototypes are pretty well assembled and have no obvious problems. The camera constantly receives driver updates, so I hope the output of the delay when recording video will be fixed. There are no such delays in the photo part for a long time.

I hope that this update was useful for you. Mentioned the main changes from the July with this device.

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