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Drivers for fiscal registrars now in standard 1C configuration

In July 2010, the project to integrate Datecs fiscal recorders with the 1C accounting system was completed.

The project was initiated due to the fact that for each update of 1C it was necessary to add / rewrite existing drivers for the corresponding devices.

Thus, the project was tasked with developing standard-type special-purpose drivers for connecting fiscal recorders (Datecs FP-3141T, Datecs FPT-260, Datecs CMP-10, Datecs FP-3530T) to the accounting program 1C. Drivers were developed on the basis of UnifiedPOS (UPOS) - an international standard for drivers for retail devices.

The test results showed the full compliance of the developed drivers with the 1C specifications.
In addition, drivers for Datecs equipment will now be supplied as part of 1C configurations, providing full integration with such products:

A set of drivers and processing for their connection is provided to users for free.

From 1C, ABBYY Ukraine employees actively participated in the project - developing standard solutions for accounting automation based on 1C, as well as the largest distributor and partner of 1C in Ukraine.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100614/

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