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BSOD is no reason to panic. We find out the nature of the "screen of death"

Until recently, I thought that the only way to find out about the cause of a BSOD was white letters on a blue “screen of death”. Recent events have slightly expanded my knowledge of troubleshooting, and I want to share this knowledge with you, habrazhiteli.
Another system crash occurred at the next client. “Blue screen, and nothing is moving” - this is how the girl who worked at the computer described the problem. It was about 18 pm, and did not want to go to leave. After calling back the client, I said that I would look at the computer remotely, although I myself knew that I would have to deal with it tomorrow. Nevertheless, the conscience did not give just forget about the computer until tomorrow.

The only sensible thought that I then had was to read the Event Viewer, which I did.
That's about this record caught my attention. Well, since the system has generated a bug, why not read it.
I googled a bit to open the “.dmp” file, and came across Debugging Tools for Windows. This is part of the large Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 product. Why look for solutions on the side when the developer provides them. The installation of the Debugging Tools (as well as the installation of the .NET Framework 4, which is necessary for the work) took quite a bit of time. Naturally, during installation, I didn’t choose additional components, otherwise my remote diagnostics would take a long time (see screenshot)
I understand that using a tool with such a huge functionality just to look at the .dmp file is not entirely correct, but besides this, I don’t need it.
So - the program is installed, it remains only to look at the minidump itself. To do this, run WinDbg from the Debugging Tools for Windows package, and in the “File” menu select “Open crash dump”.
After a brief analysis, the program gives a suspected cause of the BSOD call.
In my case, the reason was the wrong Storage Controller driver. Having downloaded a fresh driver from the site, they managed to overcome the cause of inoperability.
Unfortunately, the causes of problems often do not lie on the surface, and such an analysis may not bring the desired result.


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