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"Efsi-square": reflections on the form and content

How did it get to constantly receive estimates made "on my knees"! Watch tasteless, motley and small presentations with three-dimensional headlines, typed by the same poisonous colors. And how do you treaties full of spelling errors? I am constantly confronted with the fact that respected companies that can really do work “on the upper class” are losing customers because they could not create an impression.

But agree, getting a beautifully executed contract, the lawyers of your partner or client will already have a slightly different attitude to the document. Hence, the probability that it will be accepted without comment will be much higher. A well-developed estimate containing the description and structure of works and prices, assumptions and limitations, necessary comments are perceived quite differently than the same information sent in the letter. Even the usual business card says a lot more about the company than about its owner.

Commercial proposals, charts, questionnaires, estimates, meeting minutes, contracts, business cards, official and e-mails - all this should be wrapped in a form worthy of your company. Start with a corporate identity, with well-designed and designed document templates - and half the work will be done. Provide centralized quality control of all key outgoing documents not only in content but also in form. They must be strict, clean and neat as a uniform.
Corporate identity should not only apply to the site, letterhead, business cards or presentations. It should be in everything that your client meets - in letters and contracts, deeds and estimates. Corporate identity is, first of all, a well-developed and uniform “interface” of communication with the client.

Personally, I have long worked out a rule for myself: before sending a contract, an estimate or even a regular email to a client, you need to arrange it properly - check spelling, punctuation, make the text clear, consistent, understandable, well structured. For myself, I derived the following formula: "The form multiplied by the content in the square." Well, by analogy with Einstein's "Emsi-square". It means that in bad packaging, even excellent content may not be effective.

Summing up, I want to say - do not neglect the details! Even when they are just parts of the form, not the content. The devil, as they say, lives in trifles.

A good “package” of the service always justifies the time spent on it. Do not forget about it, and you will certainly get an answer in the form of a noticeable increase in sales and customer levels.

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