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Exam, admission, ratings - how to do better

It is good when universities publish clear and instantly updated online rankings of applicants. Now many are doing it. However, it is still very difficult for an ordinary entrant to study and understand the situation. For example, if the rating is (say, 6 budget places):
Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich275 pointscopy
Petrov Peter Perovich270 pointscopy
Sidorov Sidor Sidorovich250 pointsscript
Andreyev Andrey Andreevich200 pointscopy
Frolov Frol Frolovich190 pointsscript
Oleg Olegov Olegovich180 pointscopy
Andeeva Anna Viktorovna170 pointscopy
Banzaev Ivan Ignatovich150 pointscopy
Ivanova Natalya Sergeevna140 pointscopy
Sergeyev Sergey Sergeevich130 points?

What are the chances Sergeyeva do?

For the uninitiated, I remind you that only those who bring originals come in, counting from the top of the list (if you simplify it a little for understanding). What should Sergeyev do if the situation is similar in other universities?

I am the representative of the provincial branch of a small Moscow university. Preparing and analyzing the lists of applicants, I came to very interesting conclusions, which I want to talk about.

Already that year, the ministry has been experimenting with the procedure for enrollment in the USE. In our region, the USE reception has been going on for more than seven years (we are one of the first experimental regions), so many of the points are obvious to us and are fairly well studied. This year, the rules of enrollment have changed again, and in such a way that many admission commissions have not yet understood the whole procedure - they have completely different ideas about the “recommended” and “waves”. I hope that by the 4th of August everything will be determined more specifically.
The general idea of ​​introducing the Unified State Exam is clear. They wanted to do both abroad - the applicant submits his data to universities, and schools decide which of the senders to enroll. And this, as I understand it, occurs within six months or a year.

Our ministry decided to do the same. But in reality, applicants were given 5 days to choose from (July 30 - August 4). Accordingly, stresses, nerves, wrong choice, bitten elbows.

Therefore, for the convenience of analysis and selection, I have downloaded the lists from all our regional universities and branches + from a dozen of leading universities, where our applicants usually go. I parsed and singled out where the documents were submitted and whether there are any originals. He added a column for the rating on our internal portal, where he entered all the universities and specialties, where the documents were submitted from the applicant. Bold if the originals. The result was something like this:
Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich275 pointscopySPbSU14, ENGECON4 , GUSE5, BONCH3
Petrov Peter Perovich270 pointscopyMoscow State University 4, BAUM17, MIPT2 , MIPT4
Sidorov Sidor Sidorovich250 pointsscript
Andreyev Andrey Andreevich200 pointscopyMSU7 , SPSU2
Frolov Frol Frolovich190 pointsscript
Oleg Olegov Olegovich180 pointscopyBAUM7, MIPT9
Andeeva Anna Viktorovna170 pointscopyFINEK , SPSU7
Banzaev Ivan Ignatovich150 pointscopyFINEK, BAUM5
Ivanova Natalya Sergeevna140 pointscopy
Sergeyev Sergey Sergeevich130 points?

From the list it is clear that Ivanov from the first line has already submitted the originals to INECON. So the probability that he will go to us is much less. Similarly, Petrov (goes to MIPT), Andreev (at Moscow State University), etc. As a result, Sergeyev forecast accuracy increases significantly.
I intend to make automatic (by cron) downloading and parsing lists-ratings. Then the situation with enrollment and the chances of admission will be visible online.

That's when I did this - I had a question, why others do not? And what's more, why didn't the ministry do this? This would significantly reduce the hassle and would make the competition and competition of applicants more fair. After all, the PBS base (the USE results) is there - so why not make a small add-on?

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100598/

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