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Sort speed record: 1 terabyte per minute

Computer scientists from the University of California for the first time broke through the barrier of 1 TB per minute on the sorting speed. The system designed by them showed the result of 1.014 TB in the Indy Minute Sort test at the Sort Benchmark 2010 competition. A cluster of 52 servers was used , each with two quad-core processors installed, 24 GB of memory and 16 hard drives of 500 GB each.

They also repeated the old world record in the Indy Gray Sort test for the sorting speed of a trillion records (result: 172 minutes, that is, 0.582 TB per minute), and the system created by them used four times less resources than the one that owned the previous achievement. A cluster of 47 servers of the above configuration worked here.

The results are shown on Indy tests, that is, the data set is partially optimized for maximum performance (see rules ). Now champions are preparing for the Daytona tests and the application of their developments on real-world problems.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100595/

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