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Election of the mayor of Moscow and HTC Hero as a gift

image A marathon “Over pubs!” Recently died down, and we are already preparing a new event - on August 12, at SQUAT-Cafe we ​​will hold “the election of the mayor of Moscow”. The elected mayor will receive a "heroic" gift - a smartphone HTC Hero.

AlterGeo already has a lot of “mayors” in Moscow institutions (the mayor is a frequent visitor to the institution, which is noted in him more often than others through AlterGeo). It is time to determine the main thing!

In addition to the “big politics”, we have provided a lot of fun , gifts, free cocktails, a DJ, a special prize to the mayor of SQUAT-Cafe and much more.
But! Entry to this event will be by invitation, which you can receive:

1) Mayors of institutions (even those who were mayors, but lost this title).

2) AlterGeo active users. We invite the most energetic - "Guru", "Omnipresent", "Travelers" and the most active "Activists"

3) Friends of mayors and “power engineers” - those who receive the invitation will be able to take their best friends with them. Conclusion - do not quarrel with friends-mayors and friends-active users of AlterGeo.

In addition, we will play invitations in our community on Facebook , Twitter and blog .

So, on August 12, Thursday, 19:00, SQUAT-Cafe, the election of the mayor of Moscow according to the version of AlterGeo.

PS Since the party is Moscow, we focus primarily on Moscow users. If you are a mayor / active user from another region and will be in Moscow on August 12, write to irina [@] altergeo.ru and send an invitation.

AlterGeo is a geolocation web service and application for iPhone , Android , Samsung Bada (beta versions are also available for Windows Mobile and Symbian ). With AlterGeo, it is convenient to watch which places are close by, get bonuses in them, look where friends are.

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