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The Screetch is arguably the most beautiful game on the iPhone.

Hello. I want to talk about my game The Screetch for iPhone. Previously, we made the port of Color Lines for iPhone , and then we started developing a completely original project.


We tried to do not just another clone of Bejeweled, but something new and with a big bias in logic. And while not too complicated, like Color Lines. We paid great attention to graphics and animation, many Western sites call The Screetch one of the most beautiful games for iPhone and even compare it in the picture with the PSP.


In the game you need to catch the Scripts, for this you will have to clean the spheres from the slurry with which the monster slaps them. All captured screenshots are stored in the Trophies section, where they can be admired and assessed how much is still left to catch for the complete collection.


There are local and global rankings and statistics where you can watch your achievements and compete with players from all over the world. If you want to challenge yourself with your friends, then there is Facebook Connect for this: it is enough to enter your account details and a rating of your friends will be formed.


A little later, we will tell you how sales go and write out the entire process of development and promotion in detail. Now I am preparing a great article in which I will talk about all the difficulties that we encountered during the creation of the game. We learned a lot of interesting information that will help other developers not to step on the rake and use our best practices to successfully develop and promote their application in the AppStore.

The Screetch on the AppStore: http://itunes.apple.com/en/app/the-screetch/id382329317?mt=8

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