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Gigabyte GSmart G1305 Review

In this review, I want to tell you about the new communicator from Gigabyte, which I recently managed to test.

The review itself and the photo - under the cut.


Design, dimensions, management:

Gigabyte GSmart G1305 is a new budget communicator on Android OS. The device is assembled solidly, the display edging and the back cover are made of plastic without the use of soft-touch, but at the same time because of the color “under the metal” is not brand, as the same Acer Liquid. The design of the device is clearly designed for a youth audience, the bright edging around the device is made in a different color scheme than the rest of the body. In my case, it was a steel-gray telephone with a bright-green edging and a frame of control keys of the same color. To control, two physical keys are used - receiving and rejecting a call, located on the sides of the trackball, the same trackball used in the HTC Hero and Google Nexus One. In addition, just above the trackball, under the display are 4 touch buttons, characteristic of all devices on the Android OS. On the left edge - the microUSB port is located under the cap, on the right - the volume rocker and camera control key. At the top there is a lock / on key and a 3.5mm headphone or headset jack.

G1305 has dimensions of 116 x 57 x 12.4 mm and is very comfortable in the hand, thanks to its streamlined shape and a rather thin body.


Capacitive multi-touch screen with a resolution of 320x480 pixels and a diagonal of 3.2 inches. The screen is bright enough, the visibility of the elements deteriorates only in very bright sun.

Characteristics, positioning:



As I wrote above, the device is clearly aimed at a youth audience, its design clearly indicates this.
It may also be of interest to the average age category of users who want to use the new OS for reasonable money.

Software features:

This device is installed on Android version 1.6, with some custom modifications from Gigabyte, in particular - several branded widgets, its own desktop shell and a number of system widgets are reworked graphically - for example, the player widget seemed more convenient and pleasant than the standard one.
The shell works very fast, you can see all your desktops on the central key, the left one brings up a list of all programs, the right one can install several shortcuts here to quickly launch the most popular programs.


The official distributor of Gsmart in Russia is Vobis Computer, which also promotes the iDa navigation program in our market, so the latest version of this software for Android OS is installed on the G1305. Some time ago I already described the operation of this software with screenshots of habrahabr.ru/blogs/android/87508


A good machine on the Android OS at a low price, with good features, with a good camera and flash, with a decent set of pre-installed software.
In my opinion, the device will be used primarily by young people, since It offers decent functionality for a reasonable price (now its cost is 12990.00 rubles.)

In addition, according to the latest information from Vobis, a software update is being prepared in the near future to Android 2.1.

UPD: Added a video with test firmware for Android 2.1 from Peyt

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100588/

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