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Samsung N127, or a good netbook for parents

Recently, my mother went to a well-known supermarket of electronics and learned that there are perfect computers from her point of view: small, light and inexpensive. And only then she learned that such computers "according to science" are called netbooks. And, naturally, I wanted such a machine. And yesterday her dream came true - I bought her Samsung N127 netbook.

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It should be noted that her old laptop was (and, in fact, is) the complete antithesis of the acquisition: large (15-inch matrix), heavy. The picture was also overshadowed by the fact that the device began to heat up godlessly, as well as vista on board.

What is the Samsung N127? This is quite a regular netbook with a matrix diagonal of 10.1 inches, an atom of N270 (1.60 GHz, FSB 533 MHz, L2 cache 512 KB), 1 GB of RAM and a 250 GB hard disk. The machine is not very powerful, but I remind you: the netbook was bought by the mother, and this is quite enough for her (browser, skype, periodically some kind of text editor). Dimensions: 264x186x29 mm, weighs 1.26 kg.
As soon as the device was unpacked, the moment of happiness came: it is completely matte! And the screen and body. True, the latter seemed a bit branded - it was clear where I was clutching at it (my hands had been washed before). The kit included charging, a 4000 mAh battery, instructions and a guarantee (hereinafter, the original is available by clicking on the screen).

Externally, the device is a small parallelepiped with rounded edges. It looks pretty nice in general (and not disgustingly cheap due to the lack of gloss). Above the screen is a sheltered webcam.

On the side faces of the netbook are a total of 3 connectors USB, VGA, Ethernet, connectors for microphone and headphone jack for charging and lock. There is no drive: in general, it is not needed.

On the front side: a card reader for SD cards and a power slider.

The keyboard, like the touchpad, is nothing supernatural of itself: everything is as usual, we have already seen all that.

One of the important factors that determined the choice was that Linux was preinstalled on this netbook. Honestly, I expected to see anything there and was already mentally ready to re-install the system. However, having turned on the device, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that there was Moblin performed by OpenSUSE. He has already been written about him enough on Habré ( 1 , 2 , 3 ), so I don’t see much reason to dwell on this;

Mom liked the new mobile platform and enthusiastically (and without apparent difficulties) began to master it.

In conclusion, I note that all the pleasure cost 10,500 rubles.

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