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QIWI Visa Virtual - Results of the July Promotion

image Not so long ago, QIWI Wallet announced new conditions for the purchase of a rechargeable virtual QIWI Visa card. The good news concerned the reduction of the commission for the purchase of a card - from July 1, it amounted to 3.63% (before that - 5.26%).

The commission reduction was planned as a share for the period of July 2010. At the same time, a minimum commission level of 25 rubles was introduced (for the purchase and replenishment of the card). And if you start from the average amount of a card purchase, which is 1,150 rubles, it is quite profitable. But,
It is not at all profitable when replenishing cards for small amounts.

The action was launched, since you expressed your wishes to lower the commission and fix it at a lower level: an example .
The results of the action pleased not only us, but also our users - so the conditions were decided not to change!

So, we inform:
  1. Now the commission has been reduced to 3.63% and will remain so on a permanent basis (the minimum commission is 25 rubles for the purchase of a card)! Now buy a virtual card is really profitable.
  2. There were comments about the minimum commission in the amount of 25 rubles to replenish the card - it is no more ! Replenish the card with small amounts (from 1 ruble), without worrying that the commission may exceed them.
We think about the next promotion. The results will be reported.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100560/

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