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How much did I break? Information system on fines from the traffic police

Recently, a proposal was made to create an online service for Internet users. The task of the service was to inform users about the debt on fines issued by the traffic police. For me personally, the prospect of creating such a service only pleased. I do not know how things are in other regions, but personally in my district, to find out the arrears of fines, it is necessary from 2 to 5 to go to the outskirts of the city. Yes, and two days a week just work. In general, it is terribly inconvenient to go there during working hours from work to the other end of the city. In addition, recently, our "valiant" peace officers are holding actions for defaulters. Stop the car, and if there are unpaid fines - the car on a fine-parking. And we have cameras in the city, and the data from them does not come to the mailbox at all. It turns out that I don’t know at all whether the state has anything on me.

As a result of our work, the site moishtrafi.ru appeared.

On the website, you can request data on fines, having a protocol number or a car number and a driver's license number. The service displays a list of unpaid fines. The division, the article number, the ruling number, the amount of the fine are shown. It is also possible to create a printable version of the PD4 payment system for any fine. If the fine is a photo of the violation - you can see it.

Now is actively expanding the base for fines. Currently, the database contains fines in the following regions:

The relevance of data on penalties is displayed on the main page of the service. After paying a fine in the bank, information about it appears in the system within 3 working days.

We have developed a plugin for firefox to automatically obtain information on our fines.
Data is also being transmitted to official GIBBD websites by region to which the system is connected.

An SMS service is also available for obtaining information on fines arrears.

The next step is the creation of a wap site for mobile devices.

I will be glad to hear your opinions / criticism about the service.

PS Flame on the "work" of the traffic police is not welcome.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100555/

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