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Clementine 0.4 - in the wake of Amarok

Since the publication of the last topic , three months have already passed - an ambiguous time by the standards of soft-building.
It cannot be said that something has changed drastically, but the player is developing and transforming, errors are constantly being corrected, new functions are being added.

For those who are not familiar with Clementine - in short, the program can be described as an attempt to create a player like Amarok 1.4, which is not dependent on kdelibs, and even cross-platform. The attempt, by the way, is quite successful.

From the last branch, the list of features has expanded somewhat:

Having a difficult path from 0.3 to 0.4, Clementine became more stable and faster. I myself tried to take part in the correction of errors that interfere with the normal use of this player.
It should be noted that the developers are quite responsive, they quickly respond to normal bug reports and correct errors.

Fix bugs and add features

Download the release here: code.google.com/p/clementine-player/downloads/list
The buildbot revision builds for windows can be found here: builds.clementine-player.org/win32 (full-fledged installer). I can recommend if you want to always have the latest version or track bug fixes.

May the music be with you!

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