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GreenZoner - new Lockerz?


Greenzoner is an innovative international environmental project. By participating in this project, you will be able to receive valuable prizes! Launching projects requires help from a large group of active Internet users scattered around the world. Therefore, the first task that will bring you closer to the prizes is the creation and expansion of the Greenzoner community. Every time you invite new users, you get an EEP that brings you closer to the prizes!
This is a translation of the description from the official site. And what do we really have?

The project started relatively recently - less than two months have passed since the launch of the site. The ultimate goal of participation is prizes. Prizes are quite valuable - Apple iMac, iPad, iPhone, Apple MacBook Pro, etc. At the moment, one prize has been received - a Sony Playstation 3 game console. As practice has shown, the prize was given to a person having the necessary EEP amount to participate in the raffle, at that time it was 1000 and the fastest channel on the Internet, because it was necessary to be faster Click on the button “I want a prize”. The satisfied physiognomy of the prize-winner is present on confirming, receiving the prize, video.
Prizes we get for the local currency - EEP. EEP is earned by inviting new users, visiting the site daily, and completing assignments. At the moment it is voting for the blogs of participants promoting the project in their own language. And the creation of the blogs themselves, with a repost and translation into the native language of the contents of the official blog. So, as an eco-oriented project, participants received an EEP and for sending video with planting trees. Another fundamental difference from Lockerz is the limited number of invites. At the moment it is 30 pieces. Distribution of prizes is carried out in all countries of the world. Frankly, I did not participate in the Lockerz project, and indeed I don’t believe in the lottery. But in this case I decided to try - what the hell is not joking. There is a lot of free time now - he created a blog , and began translating the contents of the official blog into Ukrainian. At the moment it will be the second blog in Ukraine dedicated to the GreenZoner project. The author of the “first” blog is brazenly copying translations of a Russian colleague. I decided to play fair play - to translate everything myself. I will translate - and apply for a blog to participate in the vote; the winner in his country also receives the notorious EEP. In Russia at the moment there are 3 blogs on the topic, of which there are two. There are not many people in the project at the moment, as I understand it. That's basically it. The topic on Habré did not rise - I decided to share information, nothing more. I want to believe wildly that it is not a scam ...


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100541/

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