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System Administrator Day 2010

Taking this opportunity, I want to congratulate all my colleagues on the Day of the system administrator. This year, activists are especially well prepared, festivals, gatherings and simply meeting of system administrators are organized all over the CIS. On a special scale, the holiday is celebrated, of course, in Kaluga, and I am very sorry that Kaluga is so far from Kiev and that this year I did not manage to come again. Well, okay, still ahead.

Sysadmins I want to wish patience and self-realization. Remember that computer literacy is not an essential quality of a person, that some people’s thinking doesn’t allow them to work with IT abstractions at all. Therefore, patience, calmness and educational work will help you to establish a constructive dialogue with customers. Do not forget also that our profession is “dynamically developing”, therefore studying is life-long for us. Read more, practice more, learn new technologies, otherwise you will very quickly become uncompetitive, wither, become depressed, sleep, etc. on the slope.

To all the rest, I want to say that a “programmer,” “programmer,” “sysadmin” is also a person, no matter how strange this thought may seem to you. As with any person, the sysadmin is important human attitude towards him. Not every admin has advanced telepathic abilities, so state your computer problems in as much detail and intelligibly as possible. Do not forget to learn at least the basics of computer literacy yourself, it will make your life easier and make you a more productive and successful person.
In general, dear brothers in the shop, you stable ping and rare bug!

PS Do not get drunk with delirium tremens :)

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