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Happy System Administrator!


Well, as a gift - the story of Wikipedia :

The "father" of the holiday is an American sysadmin with 20 years of experience Ted Kekatos, who considered that at least once a year, system administrators should feel gratitude from users. The first time this holiday was celebrated on July 28, 1999. It was just a picnic on the outskirts of Chicago, in which members of a small software company took part.
Since 2006, the World Information Society Day has been celebrated (since 2007, World Telecommunication and Information Society Day), which is fixed on May 17th. Proclaimed by the UN General Assembly, this memorable day has an official status, and, apparently, can replace the day of the system administrator.

However, the last Friday of July is not going to give up. For example, since 2006, an All-Russian gathering of system administrators is held annually around Kaluga, gathering more and more participants every year. So, if the first gathering was attended by about 350 people, then in 2009 more than 4,000 people from 174 cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan arrived.

The LinuxFest festival is timed to the last Friday of July. Yes, and these two festivals are held close to each other.

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