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Habrayuser Virtual Office

Most recently, I wrote about my “ Office of the Boomburum Company ”, which I did myself - apparently, he liked a lot of people and this is pleasant. Among the readers were people from the Adobe company who, without delay, offered to hold a creative contest for visitors to our site.


Those who want to legalize thoroughly - are you still reading? )

Having estimated a bit, we decided that a simple competition of jobs would be very banal and there would be too many “BUT” in it - different initial conditions, quality of photos and ... and no work. Therefore, in order for everyone to be on an equal footing, we made an arbitrary photograph of the interior of one of the workplaces, on which we will have to work. Suppose, in very general terms, this workplace looks like this:

It may seem that the photo smacks of IKEA furniture - it may be so, but that should not confuse anyone, because anything may be on the final work. Your task is to try to make a “candy” out of this workplace using the tools of any graphic editor - if you want, change the chair, if you want - put a poppy or typewriter. Or even sewing, if you think this is appropriate. Soldering iron, drawing paper with a giant slide rule, a set of knives, a cuckoo clock - whatever! But remember - in the end it should get exactly the workplace, and not simple, but habrauerskoe.

Creative approach and humor are welcomed. I would also like to see the quality of the installation at the level - otherwise why do you need Photoshop at all) Give us a fresh look, lots of humor and an unlimited flight of fantasy!

image The author of the coolest habrainter (according to the Adobe company) will receive a freshly baked box of Adobe CS5 Master Collection . One more box, simpler - with Adobe Photoshop CS5 , will get the one who collected the most “likes” in the vote on Facebook. Connect, participate, vote - legalize :)

Works can be sent directly to the comments or for those who do not have an account, in a group on Facebook . Acceptance of works will go exactly one week - the names of the winners will be known almost immediately.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100518/

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